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These tribute pages are meant to remember the young people whose communities have donated to SDF as an investment in their legacy. We know too well how important it is for our loved ones to be remembered, and to know they had an impact on the world they left far too soon. 

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In his first two years of life, Charlie was talkative and funny.  He loved to listen to books, watch construction equipment, and go to his preschool.  At age two and a half Charlie was diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor called diffuse leptomeningeal glioneuronal tumor.  The tumor caused seizures, poor balance, and limited memory.  Despite these challenges Charlie inspired many with his smile, jokes, and caring.  When he saw someone get hurt or feel sad, he would immediately blow them kisses.  Charlie died at age 6 after spending more than half of his life enduring treatments for his tumor, none of which were effective.  We need better treatments and tools for kids like Charlie. 

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Matthew Campbell grew up in Alaska and spent his childhood enjoying everything his small town offered, with hockey and downhill skiing being his favorites. Matthew was always a curious, extremely talkative kid who turned into an exceptional young adult who excelled in Engineering and everything music. Matthew had a bright smile that radiated kindness and caring his whole life, always looking to help others and make people happy, especially family. He had an amazing sense of humor and was better than Google when you needed to know something about anything. Matthew was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (a rare childhood Sarcoma) and passed away ten months later on April 19, 2020 at the age of 24. He had the most positive, loving, and adventurous ten months of his life and told his mom, “I’ve lived a great life!”

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Danny was a good natured, fun loving kid who enjoyed life. He was very down to earth but at the same time kind of “the Class Clown” I don’t think his teachers were particularly fond of his antics but they all treated him with love and respect. He had a goofy personality and laugh along with being free spirited. He loved his Crazy curly Hair. When Danny was 19 he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma on June 10th, 2009. He went through 11 months of intense Chemo and Radiation.  He was declared Cancer Free in May of 2010 and sadly 2 months later in July he had a relapse. He powered through with a positive outlook enjoying time with family and Friends until he passed away on March 11th, 2011. He was a month shy of his 21st Birthday.



Keegan was the kind of kid that inspired adults to live a more interesting, vibrant life. His infectious laughter, witty comebacks and hilarious shenanigans reflected a contagious spirit of joy. His diverse interests included soccer, woodworking, outdoor adventures, and anything related to Oregon State University. There were places he loved to visit, like his family beach house in Delaware, but his favorite place was at home on the family’s multi-acre farm. Most of all, Keegan loved being with his friends and family, including his beloved dog. He was a very well-loved kid. 

Keegan had the kind of spirit this world needs more of. He faced a horrifically unfair experience with an especially aggressive subtype of Ewing sarcoma and passed away in March of 2021. We lost someone very special. His friends and family have honored that spirit of his by supporting research. Kids like Keegan should be able to live long, healthy, adventure-filled lives. 

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