Sam Day Soiree

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2022 Sam Day Soiree

The Sam Day Soiree is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Guests tuned in from around the country to make a difference for kids with cancer. The goal was set and met! 

$270,000 was raised for childhood cancer research and wellness. The program remembered Sam Day and the March Fourth anniversary of his amputation by inspiring us to March Forth on behalf of kids with cancer. 


Ty DePaoli is a student dealing with Ewing Sarcoma. He told his story and expressed the significance of support, and his hope that sarcomas will ONE DAY no longer be the feared cancer. 

Two physicians and researchers also spoke of the reality of treating childhood cancer, and their deep desire to see improvement in how we treat cancer. 

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Save the date for our in-person Gala at The Nines in Portland.

Saturday, March 11, 2023