$50,000 to Medical University of South Carolina to study a Ewing Sarcoma Tumor Suppressor

Dr. Casey Langdon is a young investigator with a bright idea and a smart plan for a new Ewing sarcoma basic science study. There is so much we need to learn about Ewing. Dr. Langdon will focus on a tumor suppressor called PTEN, which is frequently lost in a variety of cancers, including a portion of Ewing sarcomas. Dr. Langdon’s previous work on PTEN loss in rhabdomyosarcoma set him up well to bring the concept to Ewing. Advancing this work could lead to two possible drug combinations for Ewing with the PTEN biomarker (which could also apply to other sarcomas) and a possible government grant to establish his sarcoma lab for long-term childhood sarcoma research.