Over $238,000 Raised!


The 5th Annual Sam Day Soiree, sponsored by Stages Cycling, was held at The Nines Hotel in Portland on February 9th, 2019 to raise much needed funds for pediatric cancer research, the number one disease killer of children. Despite the weather threats and east side snow storm, the event managed to bring in over $238,000 thanks to the 400 ticket holders and 12 corporate sponsors.

The Sam Day Foundation announced the approval of their first pediatric cancer research grant for $125,000 to the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute for an extensive tumor tissue banking program. The program will provide researchers with essential data and materials currently in short supply among rare and deadly childhood cancers, which are decades behind the advancements of adult cancer treatments.

One Day kids with rare cancer will survive and live well.


The next Sam Day Soiree will be


Funding Priorities

The Sam Day foundation strives to fund research for rare pediatric cancer and life-giving experiences so kids with cancer can survive and live well.


We believe we can improve the survival rates of rare pediatric cancers, and funding the research to make that happen is our top priority. We focus our energy on the pre-clinical gap of cancer research, where the greatest need is for funding to push exciting discoveries into clinical trials so that kids with cancer will have access to more curative and less toxic drugs.


Kids with cancer ought to be able to live well, but long term side effects and the impact of current treatments can make life dark and difficult for young people. We designate a small portion of funding dollars to experiences for kids with cancer or cancer related impairments.


Sunset High School students who have endured chronic illness or physical disability are eligible to receive a Sam Day Memorial Scholarship. Having fought cancer for six years, Sam understood how difficult it is to excel in academics or sports in order to earn college scholarships when life is filled with medical appointments and illness. A small portion of SDF funds will be awarded to students who reflect the spirit of Sam while living with illness or disability related challenges.

Thank You To Our Sponsors