Sam Day Foundation’s Response To Covid-19

COVID-19 has put all of our lives at risk. Sam Day Foundation recognizes that kids with cancer know the crushing impact of disease, isolation, and missing out. While the world is consumed by COVID-19, we at SDF remain focused on kids fighting cancer. We are closely following how COVID-19 has impacted cancer treatment and the research that will One Day make it better. 

Here’s what we know:

  • Children with cancer continue to be treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. 
  • In Oregon, children with cancer can only have one caregiver with them in the hospital.  Additional visitors or family members normally present to transport needed supplies for multi-day hospital stays are now not allowed. 
  • The number of children dying from cancer remains (about 1800 kids every year). But today, these children and their families have to endure that experience alone. Many state regulations will allow both parents to be with their child in the hospital while they slip away. But their additional support system has to stay at a distance. 
  • Research labs across the country have put basic and translational research studies on hold. Clinical trials already in process will continue but new clinical trials will not begin for some time, leaving families waiting longer for the opportunity to extend or save their child’s life. 
  • There are over 430,000 childhood cancer survivors in the US. More than 65% of them have secondary health issues related to their cancer treatment, putting them at higher risk for complications if they contract COVID-19. These survivors also live with varying degrees of PTSD from their treatment days. With the risk of getting COVID-19, the emotional toll on survivors has also intensified. 

As one pediatric oncologist we contacted stated, “Families are suffering more intensely right now.”

What Sam Day Foundation is doing: 

  1. We are following all CDC guidelines for minimizing the spread of COVID-19, and have postponed all fundraising events and meetings. 
  2. We are considering the potential costs associated with re-opening research labs, and exploring ways to fund those unexpected expenses to help minimize further delays to critical research. 
  3. We are connecting with oncologists, researchers, and other non-profits to stay updated on the impact COVID-19 is having on pediatric cancer research. 
  4. We are taking steps to protect our long-term financial sustainability while remaining committed to advancing pediatric cancer research. 

How you can help:

  1. Become a monthly donor. Sustained giving to Sam Day Foundation will ensure a baseline of dependable revenue for doing this work well. Any amount will help. 
  2. Donate to the pediatric cancer research re-entry program to assist local researchers in getting back to work as soon as possible. (earmark for re-entry).
  3. Encourage someone getting treatment right now with a note or video to let them know they have not been forgotten. If you would like to send a video for SDF social media, please email lorna@samdayfoundation.org2.