The first ever Sam Day Buddy Run brought 20 runners together for a 12-mile trail/pathway/road run from Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to Terra Linda Park in Cedar Mill. Each runner, representing a kid fighting cancer, reached out to their compassionate communities and together they raised over $52,000 for childhood cancer research!

$ 0 !

Photos by Zahne Calzada Photography

Runner Jonathan Parsons said “It was so well-organized and executed. I’ve run in all kinds of races over the past 15 years or so – fast and slow, big and small, lots of fans or no fans, short or long – but this one stood out above all others due to the impactfulness of the Sam Day Foundation. All of the runners, volunteers, neighbors along the course, everyone had such a strong connection to the foundation’s mission, and there was a strong feeling of hope, resilience, and gratitude from all sides. It was truly a joy to run in and I was honored to be a part of it!”

Special thanks to these fantastic runners, volunteers, buddies, and supporters! This was an encouraging success.

Video by Flennaugh Flicks and Portlandrone