The Sam Day Foundation reflects the spirit of Sam Day by choosing to Dream Big, Laugh Often, and Live well.


Sam taught us to dream big and to be crazy enough to pursue our dreams.
  • We dream of raising the survival rates for rare pediatric cancers.
  • We dream of multiplying the treatment options for young people with cancer.
  • We dream of well funded research and attention for cancers that have previously been forgotten.
  • We dream of cancer treatments that don’t cause life-long impairments, infertility, and high risk for other cancers.


Cancer is brutal. Life is hard. That is our reality. Laughter is essential for the human spirit to survive the brutality of pediatric cancer.
  • Our events will explode with fun and humor.
  • Our donors will surprise kids with adventures like summer camps, surf trips and vintage plane rides.  
  • Our stories will remember the best of Sam and other young people who left us far too soon.
  • Our community will make some noise and demand change so kids with cancer can dream, laugh, and live.


Above all, kids need to Live Well.
  • Kids with cancer will not just live, they will thrive.
  • Kids with cancer will be healthy and nourished.
  • Kids with cancer will be remembered and included.
  • Kids with cancer will know, we won’t give up on them.

Why We Fight

An orphan disease is a disease affecting less than 200,000 people in the US at any one time. Osteosarcoma is the most common type of sarcoma cancer, affecting 300 young people every year.
Leukemia, the most common type of pediatric cancer, has a 90% cure rate. But orphan cancers like Ewing Sarcoma, have not seen changes in treatments in over 30 years.

Orphan cancers get very little funding from pharmaceutical companies to fund research for better treatments. Yet 276 young people die every day from cancer.

Because orphan cancers affect <300 people per year, large drug companies don’t find financial incentive to invest in new drug exploration for pediatric cancers. Funding needs to come from private donations like ours.

Research Priorities

Sarcoma Research

The Sam Day Foundation recognizes sarcoma cancers are rare, and severely under-funded cancers affecting adolescents and young adults. We aim to make sarcoma research a top priority.

  • Sarcomas are solid tumors that grow in the connective tissue. Most sarcomas affect people between ages 15 and 25, but people of all ages can get a sarcoma cancer.
  • Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma are bone cancers, usually resulting in amputation or other impairment due to radiation or tumor removal.
  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas can grow in many types of tissue such as cartilage, fat, muscle, and blood vessels.
  • About 15% of all pediatric cancers are sarcomas.

Translational Research

Research has three phases. Basic science, translational research, and clinical trials. There are hundreds of promising basic science research studies that are in need of attention and funding.

Without philanthropic support, translational science is not possible and many potentially successful treatments go untested.

Our Impact

$0 K
In collaboration with The Rutledge Foundation, the Sam Day Community has given over $400,000 to the development of a targeted drug for both Type 1 and Type 2 Ewing Sarcoma through the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Institute. The Type 1 drug is already in a phase 1 clinical trial.
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Our Community

Anyone can make a difference!

We need event planners and volunteers, corporate sponsors, and donors of all levels. We need people of all ages, strengths and circumstances. All you need is a spirit of hope and a desire to fight for kids who have cancer. Leave us your information and we’ll get you plugged in!